Provision of Vertically Integrated Solutions in Finance and Real Estate Sectors.

We provide our clients with world-class and bespoke services through the following subsidiary companies.

Kgariya Developments

Commercial Real Estate Investment and Development.

We invest in distinct location, properties that yield great returns and can be efficiently managed. Our firm represents a spectrum of Business, Entrepreneurs, Financial Institutions and Public Sector clients in the practice areas outlined below. As credible experts in our practice area, we aim to meet our client’s highest expectations. Kgariya & Co offers a turnkey solution in all your personal and professional Real Estate needs.

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Kgariya Realty

Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management.

Our Real Estate Brokerage Company will be by your side when acquiring and disposing properties. Our Property Management Unit will co-design/prepare a property management plan adequately addresses your needs and is seamless to implement. In order to maximises a property’s potential and support the owner’s objective.

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Kgariya Business Services

Real Estate is one of the key pillars of wealth generation.



Provision of construction services for the organisation to expand and participate in erecting state of the art infrastructure, human settlement, hospital facilities, educational facilities, and cultural facilities. This part of construction services includes procuring the raw material and getting our highly skilled team to execute the project(s) on time and within budget.

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Financial Services


Our range of financial products are designed with the aim to generate, manage, and preserve your legacy. Through our partners we offer bespoke personal and commercial insurance brokerage services products and financial planning – the key to wealth creation.

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