Your trusted partner in wealth generation and preservation.

As the STOREHOLD OF WEALTH, KGARIYA AND CO is your TRUSTED PARTNER in wealth generation and preservation through the provision of vertical integrated solutions in real estate development, real estate brokerage, property valuations, facility management, financial services, and legal expertise. We offer turnkey solutions that encompasses the broad spectrum of investing in real estate and its entire value chain.

Our experienced team and associates of property developers, brokers, valuators, and legal advisors are ready to provide bespoke Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate (“FIRE SECTOR”) solutions to high-net-worth individuals, sole proprietors, family business, community-based organisations, private and public sectors clients. KGARIYA & CO is strategically poised to provide vertical integrated solutions in the FIRE SECTOR.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of development in Africa, by participating and contributing towards the actualisation of Africa’s initial first-world country.

Our Mission

To actualise generational wealth by providing vertical integrated solutions in Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Sectors to ALL people.

Our Goals

Principles to help us create unwavering levels of service

To transform the demographics of wealth in Southern Africa by empowering our clients to invest, participate and contribute in one of the key pillars of wealth creation Real Estate. In this World, land and what you do with the land remains the signifier of wealth.

To invest and develop in the following industries within real estate (Human settlement, educational facilities, Industrial Hubs, healthcare facilities and cultural facilities).

To be at the forefront of infrastructure development in Africa, in a quest of it actualising Africa’s first-world country.

To have our assets serve as a STOREHOLD of wealth for our clients.

Our Values

Are at the heart ofhow we do business


We take calculated risks whilst being candid in our investments, in a bid to actualise meaningful socio-economic impact and achieve sustainable returns to our stakeholder.


Continuous learning and innovation allow us to strive for offering and developing solutions that are new and unique for our clients.


Trust is the cornerstone of wealth creation. You can rely on us to be your trusted companion in your journey of wealth formulation, preservation, and legacy building.


Our approach to business is one of humanity, inclusivity, and loyalty to all. We constantly have the bigger picture in mind… creating a transformed, inclusive, and accessible world of wealth generation.